Music Quiz

 A3 & Q9   Which is the first Raga in 72 Melakartha System? 

  A3 & 10   Write Aroganam & Avaroganam of  Sivaranjani Ragam. 



We are Introducing  Our Valuable Staff Members


Chess                  : Mr. Pradap

Drawing              : Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari

Dance                  : Mrs. Bargavi Suresh  

Craft works         : Mrs. Padmapriya 

Handwriting        : Mrs. Padmapriya

Abacus                : Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Tailoring              : Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Aerobics              : Mrs. Shruthi.        

Journalism           : Miss : Madhu Balaji  & Miss. Archena Balaji

Spoken English   : Miss: Madhu Balaji   & Miss. Archena Balaji

Tuitions               : Miss. Archena Balaji

Programming C & C ++  : Miss Priyanka

Interested students are requested to approach Sai Fine Arts. 

 Happy Learning. 


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