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 A3 & Q1  How many kinds of gamakas are popularly described?  

A3 & Q2  What are the two types of ‘Rasa’  ? 



 A2 & Q1 What is the difference between abhyasa ganam and Sabha ganam?

Abhyasa Ganam or those useful for the purposes of learning and practicing music and Sabha Ganam, those useful for the purposes of performing such as, in a concert or public gathering.

A2 & Q2 What differentiates a thillana from a regular kriti?

Thillanas invariably contain lyrics and jatis. Rarely kritis contain jatis.

A2 & Q3 Who wrote the Thevara Padhikams?  Thirunavukkarasar (Appar) , Gnana Sambandar, Sundarar

A2 & Q4 How many Azhvars were there? 12

A2 & Q5 Who wrote the Geetha Govindam?   Jayadevar

A2 & Q6 What are the two types of Sruti ?   Eka Sruti  ,  Aneka Sruti

A2 & Q7 How many Nayanmars were there?  63

A2 & Q8 Define – Sthayi   Sthayi means Octave.  ( A series of seven swaras S TO N)

A2 & Q9 How many Sthayis are there ?  5

A2 & Q10  Six angas of the tala are  known as Shadangas.    { True  / False }  - True

A2 & Q11 The term  “ Saptha “  indicates the number  ____  7

A2 & Q12  A beat and a wave of the hand is called _______ Dhrutham

A2 & Q13 The Chaturasra jathi Eka talam contains   ______ aksharas.   4

A2 & Q14 The Kanda jathi Eka talam contains   __________  aksharas.   5

A2 & Q15 The Tisra jathi Eka talam contains   ___________  aksharas.   3

A2 & Q16 The Misra  jathi Eka talam contains   __  aksharas.   7

A2 & Q17 Sruti is also called____________Pitch

A2 & Q18 The Seven main Rhythms are known as _____ Saptha Thala

A2 & Q19 Chanda Pavala Peruman   ___________          Arunagirinathar

A2 & Q20  “Thiru Angamalai “ is composed  by ____ Tirunavukkarasar(Appar)

A2 & Q21 Write Aroganam & Avaroganam of Malahari Ragam  S R1 M1 P D1 S / S D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

A2 & Q22 Composer of Nauka Charitram ? Tyagarajar

A2 & Q23 Jathiswaram contains Sahithya  [ True / False ] False

A2 & Q24 Write Aroganam & Avaroganam of Poobala Ragam S R1 G2 P D1 S /  S D1 P G2 R1 S

A2 & Q25 There are five Sthayis in Indian Music   [ True / False ]  True
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