Sai Fine Arts


Modern way to learn a Traditional Art

Ø We are taking

     * Carnatic: Vocal and Instruments like Violin, Veena, Keyboard, and Guitar.

     * Western: Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Electronic Keyboard.

Ø A hub for Carnatic & Western Music learners.

Ø Conduct Annual Grade Exams for both Carnatic & Western music Class {Practical & Theory}.

Ø Conduct mini-concerts for students in front of parents every Wednesday.

Ø The students are encouraged to take up grade exams:

     * Trinity Music College of London for Western Music.

     *  Annamalai University for Carnatic Music.

Ø Celebrate cultural festivals like “Margazhi Maha  Utsav”, “Chithirai Thiruvizha”,    

     “Navarathri Music concerts” etc.,

Ø Both in-person and online classes are available. Taking care of students as of their

   own child.

Ø Even working professionals and college-goers can enroll themselves in the classes.

Ø You will have two classes per week and approximately eight classes in a month.

Ø We are proud to say that the students from our institute perform extremely well in

    playing the instruments and come out with their talents by shining themselves into the techno world. “


Students Trained since 1998


At Sai Fine Arts, we offer vocal & instruments such as Violin, Veena, Keyboard, and Guitar. 

Since 1940, we have been teaching music for three generations now – coaching more than 22,500 students till date. 

Currently, we have 450+ (domestic and foreign) students are learning Classical music and western music class at Sai Fine Arts.

We provide the best guidance to the students to learn Classical & Western music class. 

Activities at Sai Fine Arts

Our institute is a one hub solution to tap creativity in the students.

At Sai Fine Arts, we

* Conduct weekly rounds on Wednesdays and Sundays with live streaming.

* Optimum utilization of social media platforms such as FB and Instagram to exhibit the musical skills of our students.

* Conduct online programs, creating opportunities for our budding artists, even during the pandemic.

* Conduct grade exams annually.

* Enable our students enroll and perform in Annamalai University oriented music grade exams.
* Conducts classes for dance, arts, drawing, besides music.

Teaching Methodology

* Individual methodology is designed to suit the needs of each student by considering and evaluating their strength and weakness. 

* Each student’s goal is evaluated, and the curriculum is designed based on that.

* As the students’ learning progresses, the student’s  milestone is showcased through recital/performance.

* Constant communication is maintained with students and their parents to set the objectives for the next level.

* Periodical stage performance is arranged to boost the student’s confidence and showcase their talent.


Vocal Class

Ages 4 +

  • Basic Level to Advanced Level
  • Eighth Grade Exam System
  • Vocal training & Vocal culture
  • Live Stage Performance

Keyboard Class

Ages 5+

  • Basic Level to Advance Level
  • Eighth Grade Exam System
  • Usage of pitch-bend
  • Live Stage Performance

Violin Class

Ages 7+

  • Basic Level to Advance Level
  • Eighth Grade Exam System
  • Bow technique, gamakas
  • Live Stage Performance

Guitar Class

Ages 7+

  • Basic Level to Advance Level
  • Eighth Grade Exam System
  • Guitar Tricks, Chord structure 
  • Finger Picking techniques
  • Live Stage Performance

Veena Class

Ages 8 +

  • Basic Level to Advance Level
  • Eighth Grade Exam System
  • Plucks Technique & Gamakas
  • Live Stage Performance


G O O G L E   R E V I E W S

Sai Fine Arts

SINCE 1998


Live Students

Live Abroad Students


Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 9 PM
Sun: 11 AM – 2 PM


VIRUKSHAM” No.21/9 Ground floor, Veeraraghavan St, Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061