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Learning to play any instrument can have a life-changing impact on your personality. Violin is quite a blend of contemporary and classical instruments, which makes it a top choice among people. Although it may appear hard to learn, you can begin your violin classes at any age. You can start learning the violin as a hobby or turn it into a profession with a long-term course. 

With the right instructor, you can quickly grasp the basics and move to higher levels. You can choose Carnatic or Western styles. Here we will discuss how learning Violin from the best music school will help you personally, professionally, and socially.

What are the Benefits of Violin Classes? 

Here are some of the major benefits of playing the violin. These benefits may be different depending upon an individual’s age; however, the joy of music to the ears remains the same.

Improve Your Memory

Learning the violin can help in increasing your focus and attention span towards the day-to-day activities of life. Starting violin lessons at a young age also helps in mental, psychological, and social skill development.

Listening Skill

When you listen to music every day while playing it, your brain starts recognizing more sounds than it did before.  This makes a musician develop skills to play and write music in their creative style. Besides, you will be able to detect notes and understand the depth of the music in a better way.

Become a star

Knowing to play an instrument can be a great conversation starter.  There are other benefits like impressing people and becoming an artist among them. You will also have a sense of self-esteem, self-reliance, and awareness that can help you in many social situations.

Violin lessons offer a constructive way to channel your time and energy. You may also join groups and bands that play instruments and practice together. 

Stay Active

A new skill will add a boost of energy and freshness to your body. Learning to play the violin may also benefit you with a better posture and improved skills. Moreover, it can help in developing upper body strength and flexibility. So, it is an exercise for your mind as well as your body. 

What Size Violin Do You Need?

Buying your first violin is very exciting. The anticipation of playing your first note or first piece is the stuff of daydreams. Both Indian-made and foreign imported violins are in the market. They are now available in a wide range of colors too. With this anticipation and excitement comes the question, what size violin do you need? Where to get one?

A learner between the age of 6 to ten years can use a violin of 3/4th size while the others could use a regular full size violin. You could get a violin from all the leading musical shops in Chennai. You could check out reputable shops.

Are you looking for the right platform to learn from an ideal instructor?

SAI FINE ARTS is the one-stop solution. Sai Fine Arts, you can learn vocal & instruments such as Violin, Veena, Keyboard, and Guitar. You are free to opt for classical or western style. We conduct various concerts and tests for the students to equip them with musical standards. We also encourage students to take up university-level grade exams. we have been teaching music for more than a decade now.