Music Glossary


Arohanam is the ascending scale of notes in a raga.


Avarohanam is the descending scale of notes in a raga.


Alapana is a form of melodic improvisation that introduces and develops a raga in Indian classical music.

Alapana is divided into three parts: 1. Akshipthika 2. Ragavardhini 3.Magarini


In Carnatic music, the Akshipthika is the first part of the introductory part of the alapana. It gives an idea about the raga (musical mode) in which the song is going to be sung.

#Aadi Talam

Aadi Talam is the name of one of the most popular Talam or Rhythms used in Carnatic Music. Its full technical name according to the Carnatic Music’s Talam system is Chaturashra-Jaati Triputa Talam.

It has eight aksharas, each being 4 svaras long. Many Kritis and around half of the Varnams are set to this Talam.


Āvartanam of a tālam refers to one cycle of the tālam.

Chathusra Jathi Tirupudai as a default (4 + 2 + 2 = 8 beats in an āvartanam).

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