Suchindram S P Sivasubramania Bhagavatar

Suchindram S P Sivasubramaṇiam (1917-2003) was a multi-faceted genius who hailed from Kanyākumari District in southern Tamizh Naḍu. His life was one of complete devotion to music, and he was not only a brilliant vocalist and violinist and a dedicated guru, but also a highly inspired composer who gave to the world a great treasure of compositions in the classical and devotional, as well as Harikathā and patriotic genres.

The Artiste

A rich voice, sensitive artistry, and stunning spontaneity were the hallmarks of Sivasubramaṇiam’s music. His soulful, bhava-laden style melted the hearts of the countless music lovers who thronged to his concerts. He performed throughout southern India and Sri Lanka, and his concerts were regularly featured on All India Radio as well.

The Composer

Sivasubramaṇiam was a master vāggēyakāra and created many gems of sublime musical and poetic beauty. An ardent devotee of Lord Murugan, he composed many masterpieces on him, as well as on other deities, and on the music itself. He also composed many pieces on social and patriotic themes filled with powerful and inspiring messages, one of the few Carnatic composers to do so. 


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